President & CEO

As the President and CEO of INODE, Jessica has her finger on the company’s pulse and makes sure both our internal processes and client projects run smoothly. She directly oversees our Air Force and Professional Consultant teams, as well as critical corporate functions including HR and contracts administration. At the end of the day, Jessica ensures that the INODE team and the organizations we serve get what they need to be successful.

Get to Know Jessica

Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and was intensely interested in political science before coming to INODE. She loves to travel, craft with her kids, and spend time outdoors. She has summited multiple 14ers, visited every continent except Australia, and was almost run over by a waddle of penguins in Antarctica.


Founder & COO

A technology industry veteran with a creative mind and a commitment to excellence, Khai founded INODE with a mission to provide customers with solutions of the highest organizational value. To Khai, this included not only superior quality of solutions and service, but also the ability to be system agnostic – to see beyond an OEM brand to current and future challenges for integrations – and to proactively pinpoint areas for optimization to solve pressing customer problems and facilitate success. This service-centered mindset, technical flexibility, and SME-level skill has earned Khai a reputation for being able to successfully integrate any technology into any environment and inspired intense customer loyalty. Today Khai oversees business development and corporate finance, and is the driving force behind INODE’s growth and continuous expansion of capabilities.

Get to Know Khai

Khai holds a BS degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver. Prior to founding INODE, he gained valuable experience working for Xilinx, Harland, and ProSavvy. He enjoys outdoor activities such as family runs, including a few races every year, hiking, and trying new things in the spirit of adventure. A serious proponent of continuous personal evolution, Khai is always learning new skills both within and outside of the technical field. 


Director of Defense Programs

Adam is responsible for business growth initiatives at INODE. With over 20 years of progressive experience in operations, management, and business development in the Federal contracting space, Adam has successfully nurtured multiple small businesses from start up to maturity. His focus is on building scalable fast growth in a manner that is both sustainable and rapid, while promoting a robust corporate culture that emphasizes employee welfare, customer satisfaction, and community involvement. Adam has led capture efforts on billions of dollars in IDIQs and contract vehicles and has successfully won hundreds of millions in funded task orders. He was awarded SmartCEO magazine’s COO of the Year award in 2012 and has worked with multiple INC 500 companies, an award issued to the 500 fastest growing businesses in the United States. In addition, Adam holds multiple patents issued by the United States Patent and Trade Office as well as the European Patent Office titled “Modular Drone and Methods of Use”.

Get to Know Adam

Adam is fond of music and writing, has been published in multiple periodicals, and was a member of the Virginia Swing Jazz Orchestra as well as the Charlottesville Symphony. He is also an avid basketball fan – Go Wizards!