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We introduce new technologies where they are most beneficial to increase efficiency, improve data findability, and promote mission success.

A Culture of Innovation

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Today, the tendency is to focus on currently available technology rather than investing in the development and application of new, emerging technologies as they become potentially beneficial. This play-it-safe mentality can result in data latency, outdated and inefficient systems, communication obstruction, and vulnerabilities that can be taken advantage of.
INODE’s background in a diverse set of emerging technologies, and our culture of proactive identification of opportunities for optimization, paves the way to innovation. We introduce new technologies where they are most beneficial to increase efficiency, improve data findability, and promote mission success.

Ask us about our expertise in automation technologies, which we have used to streamline processes for the DSCA, NIH, and SEC, and the advantages of INODE being a certified partner of UiPath.

Our Expertise

INODE is a nimble and evolving technology solutions provider, built to provide all-encompassing data architecture, visualization, and modernization services. We are experts in data analytics, transformation, and infrastructure.

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Customer Benefits

Emerging Technology Services

Examples of Customer Success

Extramural Digital Pathology Repository System

National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)

INODE facilitated rapid acquisition and study of pathological and histological samples utilizing metadata embedded within medical imagery files in support of collaborative research efforts. We procured, installed, configured and deployed HALO Link software, establishing a schema-based repository of critical program data integrated with NIDDK’s IaaS, created a data linkage to the HALO repository at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and consolidated and migrated data from three separate legacy repositories to the modernized one. 

Allows for cross-communication between Institutes and Centers through fully integrating with existing systems

Application Programming Interface (API) functionality allows clinical researchers from various agencies and healthcare systems to integrate data

Allows users to harmonize, catalog, organize, process, and integrate all metadata associated with molecular and histopathological data sets at full scale

Enables search capability within clinical research datasets and whole slide images (WSI)

Supports standardization of diagnostic criteria across clinical sites, allowing investigation/automated "mining" of digital assets for discovery of unique visual features correlating with disease

MoonShot Cancer Biobank Project - eConsent

National Cancer Institute

INODE created a customized consent-gathering tool and medical analytics platform that has been deployed to 120 sites worldwide and is being utilized by thousands of patients. 

Automated the clinical administrative consent-gathering process, reducing data latency, increasing accuracy, and improving compliance

Data is now available in near real-time to clinical staff and researchers, enabling rapid analysis, improving data exchange and dramatically improving turnaround time for patients

Digital engagement for all learning styles, ensuring full patient understanding

Solution expanded to include custom videos, enhanced reader view, single-click signature capability, and multiple language choices to increase ease of patient use

Solution continues to evolve in response to high customer collaboration and trust