Actionable Insights for Mission Success

In today’s environment, the ability to quickly obtain, analyze, and act based on reliable data is imperative. When analytics fall short of truly actionable insights, agencies lose the opportunity to shape outcomes that drive mission success.

Data Science For

Enhanced Government Operations

INODE has created a five-step method to data maturity for government, aimed specifically at enabling actionable intelligence on demand. Through this process, we turn data into easily
accessible, digestible, usable information for deep insight and easy collaboration among every level of organizational decision-maker, driving mission-critical decisions.

INODE’s culture of innovation and datacentric focus allow us to look at an organization’s current state holistically, and create a plan to take our customers on a journey to actionable insights. We partner with customers to optimize data and its use, from storage through intelligence, to streamline systems, hone processes, and enable mission success.

Customer Benefits

Data Science Services

Examples of Customer Success

Security Cooperation Enterprise Solution

Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)

Data Management and Reporting System (DMRS) deployment, applications lifecycle management, and information architecture (IA) services using emerging technologies and robotic process automation to meet on-demand needs of the global Foreign Military Systems (FMS) community.

Data and metrics analysis through ExtractTransform-Load (ETL) processes

Dashboard design and implementation

Defect resolution cycle time reduced by 31%

Resolved 69% of break-fix defects in production

Time-to-execute data pulls reduced by 49%

Created an automated UI path to conduct daily operational checks, which reduced testing from several hours to less than 2 minutes

Data processing time and complexity reduced

80% of planned costs expended

Data Development Support

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

INODE provided agile-based Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) development in support of the SEC Division of Economic and Risk Analysis (DERA)’s financial analysts and data scientists which included data parsing, enhancements to existing ETL jobs, and ongoing production support to new and existing datasets.

Reduced time-to-analysis from multiple weeks to minutes by automating manual coding

Decreased latency through performance tuning

Sourced, ingested, and aggregated data from FINRA, CBOE, WRDS, NASDAQ, and NYSE

Transformed data into integrated final views for user analysis and use

Facilitated rapid data insight through process automation and streamlining

Automated manual testing processes by 50%